Workout Vids

Tricep & Chest Barbell Workout

SUMMARY: Shawn Powers has designed a series of workouts and workout plans using his 360 Protocol. Basically, you’re going to be hitting your triceps and chest from 360 degrees using a series of barbell and bodyweight exercises.

INSTRUCTOR: Shawn Powers

DEMONSTRATOR: Joaquin Rivera

Maximum Effect Dumbbell Curl Exercise Tutorial

SUMMARY: Want to get the most out of each one of your dumbbell curls? Use these tips from Shawn Powers to ensure that every rep counts.

INSTRUCTOR: Shawn Powers

DEMONSTRATOR: Elisheba Brock

Killer Barbell Workout Circuit for Strength & Endurance

SUMMARY: Perform entire workout as a single circuit. Do 20 reps of each exercise without resting between exercises. Make sure to use a weight that is light enough to complete all reps of each exercise without stopping. Perform 5 sets of the circuit.


7 Cable Exercises for Tricep Muscle Development

SUMMARY: Have you been hitting your triceps with the same one or two exercises? Having complete development requires hitting them from every angle. Use these 7 cable exercises to step up your triceps.


6 Plank Ab Workout

SUMMARY: Repeat each exercise for 60 seconds (30 seconds a piece for the single arm/leg variations. Do 5 rounds

EZ Barbell Curl Tutorial

SUMMARY: Are you doing EZ Barbell Curls correctly? Use Shawn Powers tips to make sure that you the maximum benefit out of every rep.

INSTRUCTOR: Shawn Powers

DEMONSTRATOR: Joaquin Rivera