Why Every Successful Man Should Own a Kettlebell

Why Every Successful Man Should Own a Kettlebell

Exercise has been linked to both increased brain power and energy, so it’s not surprising that some of the most successful people have a rigorous, daily workout routine. The kettlebell has some very specific benefits that are perfect for a successful man’s lifestyle and physical training objectives.

Successful Men Who Train

Richard Branson advocates daily exercise.

You can’t expect to perform at your peak if your body is a pile of mush. No matter how smart or creative you are, you can always be smarter and more creative if your body and mind are physically capable. Here are just a few men who advocate exercise and use it on a regular basis to ensure their continued success:

David Murdock Chairman of Dole Foods – At 90 years old, David lifts weights, rides horses, and does yoga daily.

Richard Branson Founder of Virgan Atlantic – Uses swimming, Bikram Yoga, rock climbing, running, and weightlifting to stay in top shape.

Strauss Zelnick CEO Take-Two Interactive Sofware Inc. – Cyclist, skier, and boxer who often trains twice a day.

Panera Bread CEO Ron Shaich – Committed to training in his 50s and now runs or swims for one hour, two to three times a week.

Citigroup CEO Michael Corbat – Utilizes interval training, calisthenics, and free weights on a regular basis.

This may be a bit of an understatement, but these men are busier than you, and probably much richer. Even though they have massive responsibilities and have achieved amazing levels of success, they still manage to find time to train.


Now, you may be saying to yourself, “If I had all the money in the world, I would just hire all the trainers and chefs to keep me in shape” or maybe “If I had more money I would be able to build a gym at my office/home so I could find time to exercise more.” At Silver Wolf Nutrition, we say that those reasons are bulls#@t, thanks to one specific tool: the kettlebell.

Why Every Successful Man Needs a Kettlebell

Why every successful man needs a kettlebell.

For successful men, time is a greater asset than gold. But successful men take that fact a step further; they realize that productive time is the most valuable asset you can have, which is why they train. Training increases energy, health, brain power, and vitality, giving them more productive time each day.

The good news is that proper training doesn’t require much money, and with the right tools and techniques, it doesn’t even take that much time. For all intents and purposes, a kettlebell is a gym. If you know how to use it you can get a good workout wherever and whenever you need to with no space and practically no time.

Here are some of the specific reasons of why every successful man should own a kettlebell:

Time Savings

Exercise Guide: 2-Hand Swing Kettlebell Exercise

Combining interval training with full-body, explosive drills like the Kettlebell Swing or Kettlebell Snatch can give you an excellent workout within minutes. If you’re looking for endurance and strength, try 5 minutes of the Turkish Get Up. Each kettlebell exercise can hit your entire body at once, meaning that you can train in less time.

Limited Space Required

Most kettlebell exercises can be performed in the space of a yoga mat. Even better is that you don’t need that many kettlebells. In fact, most experienced kettlebell lifters could train with a single kettlebell of any size, and still get a great workout.


Kettlebells have a built-in handle that make them easy to carry, and you only really need one to get a workout if you know what you’re doing. This means that you could travel almost anywhere with an 8kg or 12kg kettlebell and bust out a workout wherever you end up.


Exercise Guide: Clean Kettlebell Exercise

The kettlebell is unique among free weights in the sense that it can be held in a variety of ways. You can hold it one-handed or two-handed, you can grasp the handle itself or wrap your palms around the ball of the kettlebell. You can rest it on the back of your forearm (called the Rack Position) during lifts or hold it behind your head. All these different positions can be used to perform hundreds of exercises in hundreds of ways, giving you an arsenal of drills to choose from. For people who train long-term, all of this versatility means endless progression and a lack of boredom.

Skill Building

Successful men don’t just do things to do things. They intentionally try to improve and succeed at them. The kettlebell has an extensive variety of techniques to choose from, each of which can be improved upon with long term practice. If you’re a successful man looking for a new skill, the kettlebell fits the bill.

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