Healthy Food Guide: Spinach

Which Vegetable Has the Most Protein?

Looking to eat your daily value of protein AND avoid animal-based protein? With these 5 high protein vegetables, you can start to make that happen!

If you thought that spinach would be on the top of the list thanks to Popeye, think again! The humble pea is on top by a big fat margin at 8 grams of protein per cup. This fact may be why several forward thinking companies are developing high quality pea protein powder for healthy-minded lifters (wink).

Which vegetable as the most protein?

The pea is followed distantly by brussel sprouts at 3 grams and kale at 2.9 grams. Keep this in mind next time you hit your local farmer’s market!

While there are some more high protein vegetables out there, we kept this top 5 list to vegetables that are green, easy to cook, and very common.


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