Find out the top benefits of NO2 supplements.

The Top Benefits of NO2 Supplements

From NFL athletes to weekend warriors, everyone praises NO2 supplements. Here are the top 5 benefits of using NO2 supplements.

From NFL athletes to weekend warriors, everyone praises NO2 supplements and the advantage they provide for any athletic endeavor. By allowing increased blood to flow to muscle tissue, NO2 supplements encourage working muscle to relax and accept more oxygen. Below are list of benefits of using NO2 supplements.

#1: Increased Performance

Increased performance with NO2 supplements.

For those looking to maximize a workout in a big box gym, an NO2 supplement can push your pump to peak levels. Although NO2 supplements won’t strictly allow you to lift more weight, by allowing a larger amount of oxygen to reach your muscles you will experience increased endurance helping you push out extra reps and sets.

Additionally, this increased endurance has been seen to aid cyclists both outdoors and in boutique cycling studios, such as Soulcycle. Studies have shown that male cyclists over 50 years old can perform at a higher level over a two hour period after taking an NO2 supplement compared to those cyclists who took a placebo.

#2: NO2 Supplements Can Increase Recovery Rates & Burn Fat

Along with increased amounts of oxygen, muscle tissues will also see larger amount of nutrients aiding in recovery. This will allow you to have less recovery time between sets and workouts allowing you to burn the maximum amount of fat.

To get the full benefits of using NO2 supplements, make sure you consume a pre- or post-workout protein shake, which will provide protein to your body which also is essential to a proper recovery.

#3: A Pump You Can See

NO2 supplements help you to see results after a hard lifting session. By allowing nutrients and an increased flow of oxygen to muscle tissues, your muscles will look great after the hardest of bicep and tricep workouts. Additionally, the increased flow of oxygen will help increase vascularity allowing veins to “pop” and make you look and feel like a hundred bucks.

#4: Reduced Joint Pain

Studies have found that NO2 supplements can provide a remedy to joint pain and while also increasing mobility. Increased blood flow likely leads to a reduction in inflammation caused by worn and damaged cartilage. Additionally, studies have theorized that increased blood flow caused by NO2 may also aid in the protection and strengthening of cartilage.

#5: Improved Cardiovascular Health

By increasing blood flow caused by NO2 supplementation, relaxation of blood vessels occurs. This keeps plaque from forming in your arteries, which reduces the likelihood of high blood pressure. If you didn’t have a reason to add an NO2 supplement to your pre-workout routine, increased cardiovascular health should seal the deal.


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