Joint Supplements can be a key to enhanced mobility.

Top 5 Benefits of Joint Supplements

Joint supplements can battle quick materializing wear and tear on all your joints, such as arthritis, dull aches in your knees, and stiffness in your hips.

Whether you grew up playing basketball or you’ve just begun hitting the treadmill, joint supplements can battle the materializing wear and tear on all your joints. The wear and tear arrives in the form of joint fatigue, showing up in different forms such as arthritis, dull aches in your knees or stiffness in your hips.

Joint supplements can help combat fatigue and help rebuild joints after an injury. Below are five benefits adding a joint supplement to your daily diet can have.

#1: Strengthening Cartilage

Cartilage, found in all joints, is the connective tissue at the ends of each bone allowing for easy and smooth movements. After a lifetime of exercise, cartilage often degenerates and leads to discomfort, even when you are not exercising. Consuming a daily joint supplement can help lessen joint discomfort and also help lubricate joints.

#2: Joint Supplements Can Repair Cartilage

Joint supplements can help repair joint damage.

If you’ve just suffered an injury to any major joint (wrist, elbow, hip, knee, ankle, etc.) and your doctor has ordered four weeks or more of rest and physical therapy, a joint supplement can aid in recovery. Joint supplements containing Glucosamine Sulfate, a protein usually derived from shellfish shells, can assist in repairing and rejuvenating damaged cartilage.

#3: Decreased Inflammation

When returning to the gym after an extended break, inflammation can often occur. Joint supplements can help combat the effects of bursitis, arthritis, and tendonitis by priming joints for optimal performance. When doing lifts such as heavy lunges and squats, consider taking a joint supplement in conjunction with a vigorous warm up and properly planned out lifting sets to sufficiently prime body and avoid inflammation in your joints.

#4: Joint Supplements Lead to Optimal Physical Performance

Joint supplements aid in achieving top physical performance by properly combining vitamins such as B12, B6, B2, and B1 with glucosamine sulfate and herbs like green lipped sea mussels. These joint supplements not only properly prime joints for performance, but aid in increasing red blood cell production, allow your body to properly consume carbohydrate and vitamins, and assist in normalizing brain and nervous system functions.

#5: Joint Supplements Can Combat Arthritis

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