Best kettlebell exercises for a full body sweat

Top 3 Kettlebell Exercises for a Full Body Sweat

If you’re a busy guy, chances are that you don’t have the time to work up a good sweat with a treadmill or elliptical machine. Good thing the kettlebell is here! Use these 3 kettlebell exercises to get a full body sweat going in 20 minutes or less.

Kettlebells are often touted as the biggest thing to happen to fitness since the invention of the dumbbell. There are entire communities of trainers and garage-bound fitness fanatics who swear by them. But are kettlebells really that special?

While the use of kettlebells for building muscle is hotly debated, they are definitely good at one thing: quick and effective cardio and conditioning. The reason lies in the fact that the right kettlebell exercise can hit your entire body at once, engaging your arms, legs, back, and abdominals like few other training tools can.

You may be saying to yourself, “Why not just use a dumbbell?” The reason is because of how the weight is positioned when you hold it. For two of the exercises below, you’ll notice that the kettlebell is resting on the back of the arm. This is a secure position that will allow you to focus on the full body movement, rather than just holding on to the weight and trying not to drop it. It also has an added benefit of keeping your shoulder in a safer position (what the kettlebell nuts would call a “packed” shoulder).

Once you get these movements down, try the workout. I PROMISE, you will be sweating, and you will be hating me for showing you the kettlebell light.

Best Full Body Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell Get Up

Kettlebell Exercises: Kettlebell Get Up

Instructions: The Kettlebell Get Up is a full body exercise that only requires you to get off the ground. The hard part is that there is a kettlebell extended in your arm! Follow the steps in the picture closely, and make sure you get the exercise dynamics down WITHOUT a kettlebell before you add weight. To get back to the ground, slowly reverse the process.

Kettlebell Squat Press

Kettlebell Exercises: Kettlebell Squat Press

Instructions: The Kettlebell Squat Press is one of the most straight-forward kettlebell exercises possible, but it is also one of the most taxing! Get the kettlebell into a stable position on the back of your arm, squat low while keeping your back straight, then explode up and press the kettlebell over your head in one motion. Try it for a set of 10 reps with a light weight before you add more.

Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Exercises: Kettlebell Swing

Instructions: The Kettlebell Swing is the most common of the kettlebell exercises, but it is usually done very, very wrong. Remember that your back is supposed to be straight, your knees only slightly bent, and your abs tight when doing the exercise. Don’t squat, bend your back, or use your arms when doing Kettlebell Swings. Just explode from the back of the movement and let your arms float. Imagine hiking a football behind you in reverse and you’ll start to understand how the exercise is supposed to be done.

20-Minute Kettlebell Sweat Workout

EXERCISE Set Instructions
Kettlebell Get Up 3 minutes non-stop on each side
Kettlebell Squat Press 5 sets of 10 reps on each side
Kettlebell Swing 5 sets of 20 reps

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