Lunch Time Workout

The Perfect Lunch Time Workout for Busy Men

Need to squeeze in a workout at lunch time, but can’t make it to the gym to exercise, shower, and make it back to the office? No problem! This lunch time workout can be done in your office.

Lunch time is the perfect time to workout. You can reboot after an arduous morning and then kick it into gear for the afternoon. The only problem is that fitting a workout in can be tough. Between driving to the gym, changing into your workout gear, exercising, showering, changing back into your work clothes, and getting back to the office, there is very little time to spare. Worse, you won’t have time to eat, and you’ll be stressing about every second.

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Not to worry! There is one exercise that can be done in a minimal amount of space, has enormous benefits, and won’t require you to sweat or move enough to require changing your entire outfit.

The Perfect Exercise: The Plank

Perfect Lunch Time workout is the plank.

The humble Plank exercise is both challenging and requires very little movement, even for the variations you’ll see here. Even so, you’ll be engaging your abs, obliques, lats, glutes, deltoids, and quads all at the same time. Better yet, with even a modest level of training and practice, you’ll be able to do this workout without breaking a sweat, making it the perfect lunch time workout.

Let’s look at what the Plank exercise delivers in terms of what you need for a quick, in-office, no-sweat workout:

  • An exercise that won’t rip up your work clothes.
  • An exercise that can be done next-to (or underneath) your desk.
  • A workout that won’t make you sweat through your work clothes.
  • A workout that can be done in 5, 10, or 20 minutes.
  • A workout that engages the main muscle groups of your body.
  • A workout that can be done daily if necessary.

The Perfect Lunch Time Workout

Repeat each exercise for 60 seconds (30 seconds a piece for the single arm/leg variations. Do 2 to 5 rounds depending on how much time you have for your lunch time workout.

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