The Best Oblique Exercise

The Best Oblique Exercise You’re Not Doing

If you want a well-balanced core, you need to work your obliques. Fortunately, this oblique exercise exists, and it will blast your core to a crazy new level.

One-Sided Barbell Exercises

You may be limiting your exercise options and not even know it. While you may use the barbell all the time, chances are that you haven’t tried using it from one end at a time before. By anchoring one side of the barbell you can open a whole new world of rotational and strength exercises. Rotational exercises are key to both functional strength and oblique muscle development.

Why Your Obliques Matter

Your obliques are the second most obvious part of your core musculature. While the “abs” might get more attention, if you want to really make your trunk both solid and sexy, you need to work your obliques. Using a series of one-sided barbell exercises, you can build functional strength throughout your entire core, including your back.

The Best Oblique Exercise

The Best Oblique Exercise is the Barbell End Rotation

EDR_BBRotationThe Barbell End Rotation exercise is an oblique-blaster. It’s also extremely useful for athletes, fighters, and people looking to protect their backs from injury while enhancing functional strength and power.


(1) Keep your arms as straight as you can as you rotate from side to side. (2) Twist your body and rotate your trunk to move the end of the barbell from one hip to the other. (3) Keep your knees slightly bent to allow the motion without strain. (4) Concentrate on using your core muscles.


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