#1 Exercise for Busy Men

The #1 Exercise for Successful & Busy Men

Are you too successful and busy to worry about exercise? No! There is literally no man on the planet that can’t do this ONE exercise every single day.

I’m sorry, but there is literally NO excuse for completely neglecting exercise in your every day routine. You’re telling me that you’re too busy, too tired, too stressed, too blah, blah, blah to get to the gym, right? The problem is that literally any amount of physical exertion could have a positive impact on your health, and that doesn’t require that you go to the gym.

The Physical Requirements of the Successful Man

Push Ups are the #1 exercise for busy men.

Men throughout the history of humanity have lived or died because of their daily level of physical preparedness. Today is no different.

Just because you don’t have to hunt wild animals to eat, spend every waking moment farming, or toiling away at some other manual labor task doesn’t mean that you don’t have a physical element to your job. If you’re like most successful men in the modern age, your daily tasks revolve around your ability to conquer tasks with your mind. If you’re thinking that mental exertion doesn’t have a physical component, you are dead wrong.

The brain consumes more energy in the human body than any other organ (about 20% even though the brain is only 2% of total body weight). While a popular myth states that we only use 10% of our brains, we actually know how every part of it functions.

It’s supplied by almost 20% of total cardiac output every minute. If your job requires you to manage tasks, innovate, deduce, or otherwise keeps your brain occupied for most of the time, you can see how any enhanced blood flow (a physical component of your body) could change your performance.


Not surprisingly, exercise has a significant impact on your brain. Studies have shown that exercise decreases brain shrinkage, enhances cognitive abilities, and even spurs on growth of new brain cells AT ANY AGE. It can help to eliminate depression, rid your brain of stress chemicals and toxins, increase creativity (according to a Stanford University study), reduce plaque formation on the brain, and prevent brain matter decay.

How We Determined the #1 Exercise for Busy Men

Even with all these benefits, there is still the problem of TIME when it comes to exercising on a daily basis. With that in mind, we set out to determine the best single exercise busy men can use to garner at least some of the benefits of regular training. Here are a few factors we used to come to our conclusion:

  • The exercise had to work multiple muscle groups at once.
  • It had to be taxing, but not so taxing that you would sweat too much, too soon.
  • It had to be quiet to perform so it could be done in an office or small workspace.
  • It had to be subtle enough to avoid ripping office-related workwear.
  • It had to still be useful even if done in low-repetition sets.

Using those factors, we came up with the best option for the thinking man who has no time to exercise: the humble Push Up.

The Humble Push Up

Push Ups are the #1 exercise for busy men.

The Push Up has a ton of advantages when it comes to getting efficient results in any space, time, or situation possible. You can do them anywhere, and even if you’re only doing 5-10 reps at a time, you’ll still be able to rapidly increase your strength and conditioning.

Better yet, the Push Up is much more than a chest exercise. It requires you to maintain a plank position, engaging your core muscles and even your legs. Your shoulders, triceps, lats, and traps all get engaged at once. It also allows for dozens of different variations that will allow you to progress to harder variations if the basic Push Up gets too easy. Think of Clap Push Ups, Single Hand Push Ups, and more.

The Busy Man’s Daily Workout

If you don’t have time to get to the gym, perform a 20-minute workout upon waking, or even walk up the stairs instead of using the elevator at work, YOU WILL STILL HAVE TIME FOR THIS. Simply set an alarm for each hour marked, “Do some Push Ups.” When it goes off, do 5-10 Push Ups.

Will this turn you into a beast? Probably not. But it will allow you to increase your workouts by 100% if you haven’t been doing anything, and if nothing else, you will rapidly build on your ability to do Push Ups with a week.

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