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Stuff You Will Dream About: Dream Vehicles

Sure, you might not be able to buy your favorite dream vehicles right now, but you never know! Be prepared by checking out our favorite dream vehicles for the boy in all of us.

There’s a time to be practical, and there’s a time to dream. When it’s time to dream, why not fill them with ridiculously cool stuff that you know you’ll never buy? Here is a list of some of the most desirable, impossible dream vehicles¬†that you’re probably going to “need” after reading this article.

Conquest Knight XV


The Conquest Knight XV does more than satisfy your need to be the “big guy” on the road (what grown man cares about that anyways?). This is an all-terrain, monster of a vehicle that features an insanely luxurious interior. It’s also fully armored and can handle a variety of projectile weapons. If you’re worried about hurting the environment, don’t worry, it’s bio-fuel powered ūüôā Learn more at ConquestVehicles.com

1934 BMW R7


While this is probably impossible for even the insanely rich to buy, the 1934 BMW R7 harks back to an age of elegance. This restored motorcycle was lost until 2005 when it was resurrected to shine again. Click Here to learn more.


Super Falcon Mark 2


The Super Falcon Mark 2 is an impossibly cool submarine that “flies” through the water. Rather than taking on water to submerge, the Super Falcon uses underwater wings¬†that allow you to cruise through the water. This means that it won’t sink! Learn more at DeepFlight.com

CO50 Valkyrie


You may have never thought about getting your pilot’s license, but the coolness of this aircraft may make you think again. While the looks are fantastic, this personal airplane has something that even much more expensive airplanes (this one is $600k-700k) don’t have; an unobstructed 320-degree view. If you’ve flown in small planes before, you would understand how awesome that would be. Learn more at Cobolt-Aircraft.com

Sailing Yacht ‘A’


The Sailing ¬†Yacht ‘A’ is what happens when your existing $300-million yacht isn’t cool enough.¬†Russian billionare Andrey Melnichenko’s Saling Yacht ‘A’ is a statement to what modern engineering and insane wealth can do. It’s 468-feet long, 300-feet high, and can, in fact, sail using three carbon fiber masts. Learn more by Clicking Here


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