St. Patty Day Hill Workout

St. Paddy Day Hill Workout

Get outside with this hill workout on St. Paddy’s Day and get a great workout before you hit the pub. This assumes you’re located somewhere warm enough for green hills and outdoor training, of course.

If you’re one of the lucky few who can enjoy warm weather and green hills on St. Patrick’s Day, you’ll enjoy this workout. Get outside and enjoy the green hills while you torture yourself.

St. Patrick was said to have brought Christianity to an entire nation, and that means a lot of long travels on green hills. With this workout, you’ll be doing the same thing. Get ready to earn that mug of Guinness you’ve been thinking about all day.

Hill Workout Set Up

Find a stretch of hill that is approximately 50 meters long with a good grade on it. Aim for at least a 25 degree grade, but take what you can get. Ideally, you’ll be using a hill will grass, but if all else fails, use a sidewalk. Take one kettlebell to the top of the hill and leave the other at the bottom.

The St. Patty Day Hill Workout

The goal is to keep the workout going non-stop. Your only rest will be the walk down the hill, so don’t stop when you get to the top or bottom. Repeat the following circuit 10 times, then head to the pub.


Kettlebell Swings

25 reps

Hill Spring

50 meters

Kettlebell Squat Press

25 reps

Walk (Rest)

50 meters

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