Snowboard Trip Essentials

Snowboarding 101: Snowboard Trip Essentials

Before your next snowboard trip, be sure to check out this list of MUST-HAVES. Avoid turning your epic weekend into a miserable story.

El Niño is hitting California, the Sierras are getting fresh snow every other week, and Southern California resorts are experiencing great snow and snowmaking conditions. Utah and Colorado are experiencing powder levels unseen in the past three years.


All signals point snowboarders and skiers off all levels to the mountains, but here is what you need before heading out on your next snowboard trip.

Tire Chains

Snowboard Trip Essentials

If you don’t have a vehicle with four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive you are going to need to either carry chains in your car at all times or put chains on your tires. Most states have laws about driving during winter weather conditions so make sure you have all the proper equipment for the road.

First timers, it may hurt.

Yes snow can be soft and forgiving for wipe outs but that doesn’t make the sport pain free! First time snowboarders are likely to feel soreness after a day or two boarding. This is because you may get a couple bruises from landing hard or that snowboarding works out muscles you may have forgot you had. Make sure you stretch out before getting into your gear to try and minimize pain.

Rent the Board, Buy the Warm S#$t

Snowboarding Tips

Snowboarding can get expensive, between a board, bindings, outerwear and a lift tickets you are going to spend a minimum of $600, and that’s if you’re buying a second hand board set up. If you need to spend before going up to the mountains splurge on boots and warm outerwear and get a rental board and bindings. Since the boots are going to be on your feet all day it’s imperative that they fit correctly, and rental boots often are too worn to be comfortable.

A Positive Attitude

Snowboard Trip Essentials

Nobody is going to be amazing the first time going down the slopes, just be positive. Within a couple days on a board you’ll build the ability to carve and speed down runs without falling. If you feel inclined take a half day lesson, which are offered by most resorts. Most instructors are experienced boarders and can help first timers and beginners looking to improve.

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