Silver Wolf Nutrition Partners with Shawn Powers

Silver Wolf Nutrition Partners with Mature Bodybuilding Expert Shawn Powers

The company has partnered with fitness professional Shawn Powers, owner of Unconventional Bodybuilding, to create a new month-long fitness program that combines diet, nutrition, and exercise.

Silver Wolf Nutrition, a new fitness company located in Orange County, California, specifically focuses on the health needs of middle-aged men. The company has partnered with fitness professional Shawn Powers, owner of Unconventional Bodybuilding, to create a new month-long fitness program that combines diet, nutrition, and exercise into an easy-to-follow package for men aged 35 to 55 years old. The program uses minimal amount of cooking and exercise to deliver efficient and rapid results.

At the age of 40, most men start to feel the impact of a decade or more of neglecting their health. Unlike when they are in their 30s, men begin to learn that it pays to focus more attention on healthy eating and exercise. Fortunately, there are companies like Silver Wolf Nutrition that focus on the needs of busy, mature men.

Silver Wolf Nutrition was founded on a simple concept: mature men have different fitness requirements than their younger counterparts. While most companies focus on 20- or 30-something men with fewer responsibilities and more time to spend in the gym, Silver Wolf Nutrition decided to take an approach.

The company believes that with efficient and simple diet, exercise, and supplement programming, men can extend their “alpha years” into middle-age. In order to do this, they recruited an expert in unconventional bodybuilding, Shawn Powers.

Shawn Powers has an inspiring transformation story that didn’t start until he was in his 30s. “In 1998 I was a heavy 260 pounds and diagnosed as clinically obese, extremely high cholesterol and had high blood pressure. To make things worse, my doctor promised that if I didn’t change my current lifestyle, that within 5 years I would either have a stroke or a major heart attack or both. So in 1998, I restarted my mission to be the healthiest person I could be.”

Rather than promoting some kind of “instant transformation,” Shawn Powers tells the story of a multi-year transformation that has extended over the last 15 years. He bases his results, and those of his clients, on consistent and realistic diet and exercise that promotes long term health and performance.

Shawn used these principles to create a month-long diet, workout, and nutritional program that is intended to get men on the right path for long term, healthy living. As a father himself, Shawn understands the time restrictions of mature men and has factored it into the program itself.

The transformation program includes an easy to follow diet plan, a workout plan featuring routines that can be done with minimal time and equipment, and a month-long supply of essential supplements.

Silver Wolf Nutrition is a new fitness company that specializes in solution-based products for mature men. The company is quick to correct people in their definition of “mature”, which they state relates more to the success and responsibilities of men, rather than their age.

The Silver Wolf Nutrition spokesperson stated, “Men who have spent their time building successful businesses, careers, and families have been largely neglected by the fitness industry; our goal is to correct that.”

The current Silver Wolf Transformation Package includes their current line of products, including essential multivitamins, amino acids, natural sleep supplement, pre-workout supplement, and a focus-enhancing nootropic. The package will soon include their flagship offering: a pea protein isolate with 30 grams of protein per serving.

Through the month of February the company will be promoting the transformation package with 60% off MSRP and free shipping in the USA. The company is hoping that as many men as possible will take advantage of the offer as they seek to prove that men in their late 30s, 40s, and 50s can be just as fit and capable as when they were in their 20s.

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