Beast Wolf, Will “Beasto-Flo” Roy

    Beasto-Flo wasn’t born huge, but with motivation, hard work,
    and passion, he’s become the Wolf Beast. Learn his history of sports,
    military service, and an undying dedication to strength.

I wasn’t always Beasto-Flo or the guy moving around a lot of weight on the gym floor. It’s been a journey. One filled with, blood, sweat, sacrifice and dedication.

Beasto-Flo Wasn’t Always the Big Guy

I came into the world fighting for my life in a time when premature babies chances didn’t fare well. Just a little background on how small and tiny I really was; out of the red corner weighing a whopping 2lbs, fighting out of Princess Margaret Hospital from Whiltshire, England was me William Roy. My mother and father always told me stories of how I was dressed in doll clothes or clothes custom made for me because back in the early 80’s there weren’t any premature baby clothes that there are today.

A History of Sports

After minor set backs with health I grew into a normal toddler and became more advanced than my peers. I was up and at it playing sports by the age of 4. The sport was T ball, and after getting a handle on how everything worked I was good at it. I knew I loved baseball so I begged my parents to sign me up for tackle football after baseball season was over.

This is where I found out what “Hell Week” was. I didn’t want to be one of those kids crying and puking on the gridiron. Besides the fact that I was the son of some tough people. My father, a pretty hardened 26-year Air Force Veteran father who had served in Vietnam as well as the Desert Storm invasion phase, and my mother, a woman who was well trained in the skill set of Judo. So, no mercy was going to be given there. If I wanted that I might have as well waited for Church on Sunday.

My parents always told me that once you start something you don’t quit! Conditioning and a little bit of physicality was a must in the sport. I learned quick that the better conditioned you were, the better your ability and skill set would be come gameday. I continued the split of baseball and football until the age of 8 years old.

This is also the time when I was introduced into some weight training. I found out quickly that I was strong; I was able to bench press more than my weight. I wanted to enter Tae Kwon Do, which for me only lasted a few weeks due to not being able to memorize a verse to move up in the belt system. So I kicked that in the ass and my parents suggested that I try something else.

I had seen a tantalizing bright yellow sign that read “Reylson Gracie JiuJitsu,” so I told my parents that I wanted to go there and try that. Little did I know that I was training under the actual eye of Reylson himself. Every session was proving a move over and over until it was muscle memory. Which I thought was boring, but something that I am grateful for today as it still sticks. My conditioning became great.

I continued to participate in all three sports until turning 14 at which point I dropped Jui Jitsu to play Spring and Winter baseball and continue playing Fall football. After begging my parents for some weights, bench, and curl bar for a while, I got what I wanted! I started off being able to EZ-curl 75lbs for 20 reps, flat bench 150lbs for 20 reps, and incline 200lbs for 15 reps.

I continued my strength and conditioning and took it to the high school level where I also played football, baseball, as well as Lacrosse. One of my elective classes was weight training. Here is where I really dialed in form in all my lifts, especially with Squats, Dead lifts, and Powercleans. I hated squats because it took some time for me to really get the form right as I had never really done much squatting in a rack or cage. With the motivation of team mates, coaches, and some smelling salts by my junior year I was ass to grass squatting 405lbs as my 1 rep max. It was a good feeling.

I was addicted to bettering myself on the field and really started taking a strong passion for what the iron was doing for me mentally as well as physically. I continued to lift through high school until I was in college. During this time studying became key. My indulgence in the wrong foods and alcohol at that time led me to an unhealthy weight gain. I didn’t like who I was looking at in the mirror or having a “gut.”

I told myself that enough was enough and decided that it was time for a change. Around this time my brother in law had been getting in shape to join the Marine Corps. I started jogging and changed my diet regiment and hitting the weights again. Muscle memory kicked in and what I once had was back again. I made a promise to myself then and there that I would never be slacking in the department of being unhappy with who I saw in the mirror.

Beasto’s Army Service

After finishing some college I decided to enlist in the United States Army. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I was motivated beyond anything I had ever experienced. It made football hell weeks and conditioning look like a cake walk. I was very familiar with the terms “front leaning rest position, Move.” The sweat and pain we all gave slowly was grooming me into some type of force. Push ups like nothing within 2 minutes I was hitting 80-90, sit ups within 2 minutes 60-70, and running a 2 mile in 14 flat. All while weighing in at 200lbs.

I grew to love the lifestyle that was being beaten into me. It was physical, but by any means we would be ready to tackle any obstacle or task that was put in front of us. I lived it, breathed it 24/7. Physical training then became easy, in which it was a requirement of being a soldier to stay physically fit.

After graduating BCT serving a year at Camp Hovey, South Korea. I arrived to my second duty station Fort Campbell. This is where I became hardened and did my three-a-days! Army required PT in the morning, Gym at lunch, and Gym after work. I consumed 5,000 to 6,000 calories a day. Sometimes with the help of some high calorie MRE items to give me a boost. No partying in Nashville on the weekends, I was too busy growing in the gym. No A/C, 60lb chains, bands, adding 45’s to machines because they became too light for my use.

My commander shook his head and said:

“I’m going to nickname you Beasto. You came to my unit 200lbs and now you have grown to 235lbs and still passing weight and tape standards of the Army. You don’t even go out on the weekends. So what do you do when you’re not leg pressing small cars?”

That’s where Beasto-Flo was created.

My Introduction to Competition

Coming from a powerlifting type background all I wanted to do was be as strong as I could be and crush big weight. A retired 1sg that ran one of the gyms asked if I had ever wanted to bodybuild. I laughed and told him “nah, not one for posing on stage in my skivies.”

He offered to help me lock in my diet and help out with a local show. I agreed and came into my first show a shredded 212lbs and won overall. I also took the crown of Mr. Ft Campbell that same year. I found that I could use both powerlifting and unconventional body building techniques to better my physique and take it to the next level.

I have continued to use both and have grown to 290lbs during the offseason with the help of Silver Wolf Pea Protein, as well as their Focus and Sleep Enhancer I will be ready to compete and show the word what Beasto-Flo, the Beast Wolf, is capable of on the National stage!

You can make the change today and start with a healthier you, a change for the better. Make the change to better your health. No more botched New Year’s resolutions… make the change for you.

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