• Trent Bender

    Functional Trainer Trent Bender

    Trent Bender turned to functional training over a decade ago
    and never looked back. Learn how he turned his passion for
    performance & outdoor activities into a thriving fitness business.


Trent Bender is a sought-after transformation specialist based in Los Angeles, California. His clients include celebrities, athletes and everyday people of all ages and fitness abilities.

A Focus on Functional Fitness

Trent focuses on achieving long-term results for his clients through challenging and constantly varied workouts. For his own training he stays busy everyday doing beach runs, weight training, hiking, or Standup Paddleboarding (SUP), just to name a few. He prides myself on staying active outdoors.

Trent’s training program is the ultimate full body workout experience. Full body workouts include five exercises completed in four rounds. Since it is full body training, Trent and his clients can train five days a week and still not be so sore and beat up that they can’t train hard each day.

Trent likes to go with lighter weights and more reps to help develop muscular endurance. His current training consist of kettlebells, sandbags, battle ropes and bodyweight… this functional training done right.

“I don’t use machines. It’s just you and the weights I love training this way. I will never go back to using machines. My workouts last no longer then 30 minutes, providing me and my clients with the best results without a ton of time spent at the gym.”

A Passion for SUP

When Trent is not training clients or himself, you can find him out in the ocean paddlesurfing or paddling for distance training.

“The ocean is my second home with the first being the gym. I love everything that the ocean offers. I fell in love with standup paddling in 2012 and it has been a life changing hobby/sport for me. I have been a athlete my whole life and as I have gotten older I have started to think about longevity. With SUP you get a full body workout, you can burn a ton of calories and it offers less impact on your joints. With SUP I know this is something that I can and will do for the rest of my life. SUP to me is more for fitness and not so much for competition. I like to paddle for distance, my favorite cardio workout. People like to run. I like to paddle. It relaxes me and I feel that I get more out of it.”

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