Learn snowboarder lingo before you hit the mountain.

Learn Snowboard Slang Before Your First Ride

Just because it’s your first time snowboarding, it doesn’t need to sound like it’s your first time. Learn this common snowboard slang before you hit the mountain for your first ride.

“Blue bird what?” my buddy asked me as the snowboard slang rolled off my tongue. “Don’t worry, we have clear skies and fresh powder,” I said jetting off for the first run of the day.


Not to be confused with a “grom” (a younger rider), a groomer is a machine manicured run. Most major resorts manicure runs so that riders experience a flat and enjoyable riding surface throughout the day (synonym: corduroy).


Short for powder, this is the fresh fallen snow that sits on the top of run. You often have to go in the trees to find it.


A design of certain skis and snowboards. Certain riders that are looking for rocker skis and snowboards are those who ride powder.


A design of certain skis and snowboards. The opposite of rocker, riders who do jumps, boxes, rails and spend a lot of their time in the park prefer this design.


Blue Bird Day

A day with no clouds in sight following a night of heavy snowfall.

Flat Light Day

When their is little light, often when cloudy or during sunset, not allowing you to easily define snow and slope conditions.


Riders who avoid the regularity of the groomer runs, preferring to ride in between trees or on moguls.

Ski Bunny

Attractive female riders (synonyms: snow bunny, boarder bunny).


When riding hard of effectively without falling or having a missteps.

Yard Sale

When a rider crashes and becomes detached from a piece(s) of equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, skis, etc).

Aprés Ski

Literally translated to “after ski”, refers to activities done after a day of skiing such as hot-tubbing or enjoying a beer.

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