Kettlebell Racked Sit-Ups Tips

Kettlebell Racked Sit-Up Tips

Want to take your core engagement to the next level? The Kettlebell Racked Sit-Up is a challenging exercise that requires you to work your entire core to stabilize while building both strength and endurance in your abs and obliques.

Why You Should Do Kettlebell Racked Sit-Ups

Kettlebell Racked Sit-Ups require a lot more than your typical high-rep bodyweight sit-ups. It’s more than just the added weight too. Since the kettlebell is racked on one side, you’ll need to engage your opposite oblique to keep your body from twisting towards the kettlebell. Use these tips to make sure that you perform each rep properly.


Kettlebell (1)


(1) Keep your elbow touching your arm during each sit-up.
(2) Make sure your core is contracted and resist arching your lower back throughout the rep.
(3) Keep your neck in line with your spine and make sure you are not pushing your chin forward as you rise.
(4) Keep your opposite oblique muscle contracted to resist twisting.


Hip Flexors


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