Kettlebell Lockout Tips

Kettlebell Lockout Tips

The Kettlebell Lockout is one aspect of a number of exercises, including the Kettlebell Snatch, Turkish Get Up, Military Press, Strict Press, Windmill, and more. Learn 4 key points to ensure that you’re doing it right.

Why You Should Do Kettlebell Lockouts Properly

The Kettlebell Lockout is a common position in kettlebell training and it is done incorrectly by many people. The problem is that most people lack the flexibility necessary to perform a kettlebell lockout without extending their arms out of the shoulder socket. When this happens, your arm is at risk because it isn’t being stabilized and protected by the muscles found around the shoulder girdle. Use these kettlebell lockout tips to avoid injury.


Kettlebell (1)


(1) Kettlebell handle should lay across your palm.
(2) Elbow should be completely locked out.
(3) Shoulder should be packed into shoulder socket, rather than extended out of it.
(4) Core is tight and lats/traps engaged to stabilize the weight overhead.




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