The Idiot-Proof Pea Protein Shake Diet

This extremely simple diet will help you lose fat while maintaining muscle mass through a manageable, and surprisingly enjoyable, diet plan that takes advantage of the appetite suppressing qualities of pea protein shakes.

Why Some Shake Diet’s Don’t Work

  • Boring Meals
  • Hunger Pangs
  • Arduous Meal Prep & Cooking
  • Complicated/Unrealistic Structure

Even here at Silver Wolf, dieting can be a pain in the butt. Between the meal prep, the hunger, and the overall boredom of eating the same thing every single day, most diets never last that long. A couple days of “cheating” on the plan and you’re easily back on track to a beer belly.

That is not so with this easy to follow and enjoyable diet plan. Rather than restricting yourself to the same meals every day, it has some flexibility with both your meal and smoothie ingredients. This means that you get to keep your palate entertained, making it more likely that you’ll continue the diet for at least 4 weeks.

The Key to the Pea Protein Shake Diet

Pea Protein can assist in weight loss.

The key to this diet is the pea protein isolate that we recommend for the shakes. Pea protein has an amazing ability to stave off hunger while keeping you fueled and satisfied for as long as possible. Combining a scoop of pea protein, which has a significant amount of protein per serving (ours has 30 grams of protein per 38 gram scoop), with just a few ingredients will give you a tasty and filling meal twice a day. 

We recommend staying on the diet for at least 4 weeks prior to changing anything within so that you can gauge the effects that it could have on both your physique and your performance. After that, you may want to add some carbs back into your dinner meals or otherwise alter the program, although we doubt you’ll find a better protein shake program that can give you the same results.

Pea Protein Shake Diet Schedule

This is a daily schedule, use it to guide the times you eat and make sure you don’t skip meals (that’s important). 


Pea Protein Shake Meals

Pea Protein Smoothie

Avocado Pea Protein Smoothie

Good news! This diet plan is pretty liberal when it comes to selecting what you put in your smoothies, just don’t get too crazy with the butters. Here are 3 acceptable pea protein smoothies for this diet plan.

Lunch: Chicken, Veggies, & Brown Rice

No rocket science here! Just a mix of carbs and protein in a tasty and filling arrangement. We recommend boneless, skinless chicken breast for your meat (6-10 ounces), 1 to 3 cups of spinach or broccoli, and 1 to 2 cups of brown rice. Feel free to get creative with the seasoning, because this meal isn’t going to change. You can mix up the vegetables however you’d like, just make sure that they are green and that there is a lot of them!

Dinner: Meat & Veggies

Pea Protein Diet Dinner

Again, it doesn’t get much simpler than this. Grab 8 to 12 ounces of fish, chicken, or steak and then pile on 1 to 3 cups of green vegetables. We’re not going to advise brown rice with this meal, and not because you don’t have time to burn off the carbs before bed. You just won’t need that many more calories since to your afternoon shake (never forget that one by the way). Again, play with seasonings and mix up the vegetables to keep yourself entertained.

Light Pea Protein Smoothie

Don’t go crazy with the ingredients like you did with the first two smoothies. Instead, mix water, pea protein isolate, and maybe a banana. This will keep the calorie count down while you still get a filling dose of protein.

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