What happens when you stop training?

What Happens When You Stop Training?

Everyone knows that you need to exercise to be healthy, but few realize how quickly your body starts to suffer as soon as you stop training. This graphic will help you avoid that ignorance.

So, what happens when you stop training? The truth is that it does take some time to really lose everything you’ve gained from your current training program, however, the longer you go the more dire the consequences get. Use this simple guide to learn how quickly your body can start to degrade when you stop training.

Week 1: Endurance

After 1 week your endurance and conditioning will suffer.

Week 2: Muscle Loss

After 2 weeks your muscles will start to decrease in mass.

Week 4: Mass & Ass

Lean muscle mass will drop, body fat will start increasing more rapidly.

Week 12: Performance

Full effects of inactivity start setting in: fatigue, cardiovascular issues, all benefits of previous exercise gone.

Weeks 13-52: Risk

Long term inactivity will affect you from head to toe. Increased weight gain, blood pressure issues, bone density loss, strength deterioration.

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