Silver Wolf Nutrition's new Pea Protein powder.

Effective New Protein Powder Made from Peas

Silver Wolf Nutrition has just launched a new type of protein powder made exclusively with peas. The product packs 30 grams of protein into a relatively small amount of powder, giving people a vegan, cost-effective, and hypoallergenic solution to their diet and muscle building needs.

Silver Wolf Nutrition has launched their flagship product; a high quality, high protein dietary supplement created for both muscle building and fat loss. Their new protein powder is made entirely of peas, making it gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. While ideal for people who are intolerant to animal-based products, Silver Wolf’s Pea Protein is also affordable and efficient, making it perfect for anyone looking to build muscle or lose weight.

Protein powder continues to grow in popularity, and the types buyers extend far beyond bodybuilders and athletes. Regular fitness enthusiasts and people looking to enhance their health through diet and exercise are also starting to utilize protein powders as part of their diets. With the growing marketplace has come a demand for plant based protein powders, and that is where pea protein comes in.

Peas have a shockingly high amount of protein per serving, even when compared to high-protein vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach. At 8 grams of protein per cup (compared to kale’s 2.9 grams, broccoli’s 2.6 grams, or spinach’s 0.9 grams), you can see why it has been chosen for a protein powder.

Silver Wolf Nutrition’s new Pea Protein is a pure protein isolate that has an ideal amino acid profile. It contains 30 grams of protein per 38 gram serving of powder. To put that in perspective, one of the most popular whey proteins contains only 16 grams of protein per 35 gram scoop. You would need two full scoops (70 grams) to surpass Silver Wolf’s product’s protein to serving size ratio. This means that you get more servings per container of protein powder, and each serving packs a lot more of a punch when it comes to protein content.


Pea Protein is also gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. If you have any kind of insensitive to lactose or animal-based proteins, pea protein is ideal. If you’ve ever felt bloated or uncomfortable after your pre- or post-workout protein shake, you may have a sensitivity or allergy to one or more of the ingredients.

Unlike some of the other types of protein powder, pea protein has a naturally high amount of branched chain amino acids, as called BCAAs. BCAAs are used for muscle recovery and growth. This amino acid profile, combined with pea protein’s highly bioavailable protein, makes it ideal for both muscle building and dieting.

This will be Silver Wolf Nutrition’s sixth product launch over the last three months since the company was founded. In addition to pea protein, the company also sells pre-workout, natural sleep, BCAA, multi-vitamin, and nootropic supplements. The company plans on launching a joint health supplement over the next few months.

Silver Wolf Nutrition has modified their popular Silver Wolf 30-Day Transformation Package to include the new pea protein product and will be adding additional package offers over the next several weeks.

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