Idiots Guide to Stronger Living

Idiot-Proof Daily Schedule for a Stronger Life

Do you need an idiot proof guide to a healthier, stronger life? Here it is! A 10 step, daily, scheduled guide to improving your health through simple tips.

With so much information available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re trying to get healthier. Every day there are more studies, more products, more fitness gurus, and more helpful tips to keep you from killing yourself. The problem is information overload, and the effect is that you end up implementing NOTHING.

Our goal at Silver Wolf is always to boil down the facts into actionable chunks for the modern man who is looking to live a stronger life. For that reason, we created this simple list of steps that you can easily incorporate into your daily life. This guide to stronger living will help you rapidly enhance your health if you commit to it.

Better yet, it’s in order from the start of your day to the moment you get in bed! Print this out and post it on your fridge, because it’s going to take a couple looks to make sure you do it daily.

To keep things simple, this is just a schedule. If you want the “why” use the links in each piece.


Stronger Living through water

TASK: Drink 12-16oz of Water

BENEFITS: Boosts Metabolism, Flushes Toxins, Decreases Appetite, Increases Brain Power

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Stronger living through morning workouts.

TASK: 10 Minute Bodyweight Workout (Push Ups x10, Squats x10, Sit Ups x10 for 5 sets)

BENEFITS: Enhances Blood Flow, Increases Oxygen Intake, Enhances Mood

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TASK: Get Your Nutrients: 3 Eggs, 1 Cup Spinach, Coffee, Supplements

BENEFITS: Lower Cholesterol, Improved Physical Performance, Improved Concentration & Focus, Better Appetite Control Throughout the Day

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Avoid "The White Collar Hunch"

TASK: Starting at 8:00AM, Stand Up Every Hour & Perform 10 Squats

BENEFITS: Boost Energy, Enhance Bloodflow, Improve Posture, Enhance Metabolism

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TASK: Eat a Planned Mid-Morning Snack or Smoothie Containing Protein & Carbs

BENEFITS: Improved Metabolism, Hunger Control, Enhanced Energy

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TASK: Eat a Planned Lunch Containing Protein, Carbs, & Good Fats

BENEFITS: Improved Metabolism, Hunger Control, Enhanced Energy

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Preworkout Supplement

TASK: Pre-Workout Nutrition – Eat or Supplement to Prepare for Your Workout

BENEFITS: Increased Strength, Enhanced Endurance, More Oxygen, Better Blood Flow

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Afternoon workouts for stronger living

TASK: 45 Minute Workout – Sprint Training & Circuit Weight Training

BENEFITS: Improved Circadian Rhythm, Enhanced Metabolism, Improved Strength, Improved Fat Loss

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TASK: Eat Dinner – Go Light on Carbs, High on Protein (Eat Meat & Veggies and Avoid Rice/Potatoes/Pasta)

BENEFITS: Enhanced Sleep, Better Metabolism, Increased Fat Loss, Appetite Control

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TASK: Drink Water & Do 10 Minutes of Simple Yoga Movements

BENEFITS: Improved Sleep, Decreased Injury, Enhanced Recovery, Better Blood Flow

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