Big Arms with Kettlebell Training

Can You Build Big Arms with Kettlebells?

Can you build your arm muscles, or any muscle for that matter, with kettlebells alone? It’s a freaking piece of metal, so yes. The trick is exactly how to build your with kettlebells and which exercises you should use. Start with these five.

Just like any piece of equipment, it’s all about how you lift, not what you lift. Kettlebells are exactly the same. If you want to get big arms with kettlebells, you can.

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Let’s break the arms down into basic muscle groups, then go over five exercises that can focus on each one while also working the rest. The good thing about kettlebells is that you are actually training your entire body to work as a single unit, even while trying to focus attention on a particular muscle or muscle group. Here is a quick breakdown of which kettlebell exercise will target each arm muscle. Use it as a guide to build bigger arms with kettlebells:


Kettlebell Halos: The Tricep Builder

Kettlebell Halo Exercise

If you want to hit your triceps in a much more dynamic way than your typical overhead tricep extension exercise, the Kettlebell Halo is the answer. It will hit every angle of your triceps while also testing your deltoids and biceps at the same time. Better yet, it will help increase mobility in your shoulder girdle, just make sure you have the mobility to handle the movement before adding too much weight. Learn More

Kettlebell Military Press: Deltoid Domination

Kettlebell Military Press

The Kettlebell Military Press is one of the two most basic variations of overhead pressing with a kettlebell, the other being the Kettlebell Front Press. This variation has the added benefit of engaging your lats, allowing you to press much more weight while also hitting your deltoids. Learn More

Kettlebell Ground Clean: Biceps & So Much More

Kettlebell Ground Clean

Want to work your arms while also learning how to coordinate your upper body, core, and lower body at the same time? Look no further than the Kettlebell Ground Clean. This movement allows you to use a lot more weight than you can curl while learning how to use your body in a more functional way. Learn More

Kettlebell High Pull: Blowing Up Your Forearms

Kettlebell High Pull

Like the Kettlebell Ground Clean, the Kettlebell High Pull works your entire body. The part that will have your forearms and grip screaming is the pulling action at the top of each rep. Combine that with enough weight and reps and you’ll be burning it up in no time. Learn More

Kettlebell Curl: Russian Curls for the Girls


The handles of the kettlebell will allow you to hold the weight using a neutral grip while the wide dimension of the grip will further engage your forearms. Since you’re using two hands on a single weight, you can also use a greater load, further challenging your biceps.

Kettlebell Arm Destroyer Workout

Try this workout once or twice a week and see how your arms feel after each workout. Make sure to warm up and rest adequately between each exercise and set. If you want to really blow up your arms, try holding the Rack Position during your rest periods.

EXERCISE Sets & Reps

1A: Kettlebell High Pull

10 sets of 10 reps each arm

2A: Kettlebell Ground Clean

10 sets of 10 reps each arm

3A: Kettlebell Military Press

10 sets of 10 reps each arm

3A: Kettlebell Curl

3B: Kettlebell Halo

5 sets of 10 reps each arm/direction

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