Could a Natural Sleep Supplement benefit your life?

Benefits of a Natural Sleep Supplement

A natural sleep supplement can provide a no-hangover wakeup and the full night of rest necessary to tackle the next day.

A full night of rest is essential to achieve top mental and physical performance. Whether you’re in the office for 60 hours a week, raising kids, or preparing for a half-marathon, reaching peak levels requires sufficient rest and recovery time.

Prescription and over the counter sleep aids can lead to tolerance issues and can keep you feeling groggy. Natural sleep supplements can give you a no-hangover-wakeup and the full night of rest necessary to tackle the next day.

#1: A Natural Sleep Supplement Can Fight Jet Lag

Fight jet lag with natural sleep supplements

Melatonin, a hormone found in the body, is found in many natural sleep supplements. Melatonin regulates sleep cycles and the body’s circadian rhythm. According to scholars, there is some evidence that melatonin effectively combats jet lag by helping travelers circadian rhythm quickly adjust to new time zones.

#2: Extra Hours of Sleep

If you’re always the first one up in your home, even on weekends, you can be drained and looking to take an afternoon nap when you could be out on a bike ride or at a soccer game. 5-HTP is an amino acid that helps build melatonin in your body, helps alleviate depression, and add hours to your nights sleep. European consumers found this natural sleep supplement to add up to 2 hours to a night’s sleep, leaving enough energy to get through the day without a nap.

#3: Priming for Sleep

Get to sleep faster with natural sleep supplements.

Perhaps you’ve just returned from a late night visit to the gym or a concert, leaving you wound up and loaded with energy. Natural sleep supplements containing chamomile flower and valerian root feature natural sedatives that can help you relax and fall asleep faster. Additionally, passion flower, found in many natural sleep supplements helps relax muscles, preparing you for sleep.

#4: Benefits Over Artificial Sleep Supplements

Natural sleep supplements are typically lighter and can be as effective as artificial supplements in people who aren’t experiencing severe sleep disorders. Prescription and artificial sleep aids can cause you to sleep through an alarm or leave you feeling sluggish the following morning leading to unproductive days.

#5: Sleep Leads to Good Things

Have a happier life with natural sleep supplements.

If you’re having trouble sleeping 7-8 hours per night you’re missing out on the benefits that sleep provides, and should consider a natural sleep supplement. Studies have shown that sleeping more than 6 and half hours a night can not only increase cognitive function but elongate your lifespan. Additionally, if you’re an athlete sleep can help decrease inflammation and aid in healing illness and minor injuries.


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