Become a more attractive middle-aged man

How to Be a More Attractive Middle-Aged Man

There is no reason why you can’t be more attractive in middle-age than you were in your younger years. The trick is knowing exactly what you need to do to be a more attractive middle-aged man.

Consider Growing Facial Hair

How to be a more attractive middle-aged man

Yes, you may be growing out your facial hair to look more rugged, but that is no excuse for looking ragged. Keep your face tidy by trimming unkempt hair, whether it’s in your ears, nose or chin. Not all men can pull of a beard and mustache, but seriously consider it if the mustache or goatee suits you.

Stay in Shape

Keeping a perfect physique is hard, but trying to be fit isn’t. With age comes an understanding of balance, realism, and practicality; all excellent principles that can be applied to a workout routine that will increase your longevity, health, and physique.


Be willing to exercise nearly every day of the week even if it’s just jogging on the treadmill for a half hour. Bonus points if you can get your girlfriend, spouse or significant other do exercise with you. Your body will thank you for the exercise and so will your female acquaintances.

Have a Sense of Humor


Don’t be so serious all of the time. There is a fine line between laughing at yourself and making yourself look bad. Women want a suitor to have a sense of humor and to be confident in themselves. Laugh at yourself, but don’t put yourself down. If a woman is interested in you, don’t make your faults seem like a negative mark, but be willing to laugh off a small personal mistake.

In addition, don’t be ashamed of showing your dad humor. You’re not a 20-something meathead anymore. At this point in your life, you should be comfortable enough in your own skin to speak your mind and display your goofy side in public. Worst case scenario is that you’ll drive someone off that you weren’t compatible with anyways; no love lost there.

Improve Your Posture

Studies have shown women to find men with good posture more attractive. Sitting at a desk all day isn’t going to leave anybody with good posture, but taking a mental note of posture while standing may help you improve rapidly. When standing simply keep you chin level and flex your shoulder blades together (pretend as if there’s a pencil being held between shoulder blades). Be sure to stand at least every hour and when you do, perform some simple calisthenic exercises to loosen up your tight back muscles.

Showcase Your Talents

Showcase your talents to be more attractive in middle-age

Women want a man who they perceive as special. If you have a special talent that sets you apart from others, embrace it. If you are a skilled and super fit athlete, don’t be afraid to flex a little. If you are a talented craftsmen who can build beautiful cabinets, showcase them. If you don’t HAVE a talent, consider the next piece of advice.

Build New Talents

Everyone has heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” If you are living by this quote by refusing to learn anything new, you are surrendering to the fact that you consider yourself OLD. Silver wolves aren’t old, they’re wise and powerful. For that reason, don’t be afraid of finding new interests and building new skills and talents. People will respond to your new skills as soon as you mention them. Imagine telling the next relative you see that you’ve been busy learning Krav Maga, sailing, motorcycle riding, knife throwing, or rock climbing. Who’s the old guy now?

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