Silver Wolf Affiliate Program

At Silver Wolf, we whole-heartedly believe that the only way to BE FIT is to STAY FIT for your entire life. That’s why we created a lifelong affiliate program that will pay you for your referrals, forever.

We know that the majority of people who sign up for fitness-based affiliate programs are fitness professionals themselves. We want you to STAY in fitness, and that will require you to make money over the long-term. Considering that you may not have 8-12 hours a day to train individual clients forever, it’s going to be hard for you to make a fruitful living for the next 10 to 50 years.

The Silver Wolf Lifelong Affiliate Program is designed to tie you to the customers that find Silver Wolf through you for as long as they remain customers. Whether they buy now or 10 years from now, the system will recognize that YOU sent them to us, and we appreciate that. You will be paid 

Better yet, you’ll be paid a bonus if you sign up or refer other affiliates to us. We know you have friends who are also fitness professionals, and we want to help them succeed to.

Finally, we have a high affiliate commission rate of 20% for all affiliates, and a potential 30% commission rate for heavy-hitter affiliates.


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