How to Piss Off Your Wife Less

5 Ways to Piss Off Your Wife Less

Nothing makes you feel quite as incompetent as a pissed off wife, especially when she MIGHT have been justified with her anger. Here are 5 ways to piss off your wife less, and possibly avoid the problem in the first place!

#1: Don’t Say You’re “Headed Home” Until You Get in the Car

Most guys are notoriously bad at estimating their time of arrival. I’ve found that your best intentions to leave the office, bar, or sports game “in 5 minutes” is a horrible idea. Rather than giving a bad time estimate, just wait until you actually get in your car to give an ETA. A lot of the time the problem with pissing off your wife comes from not arriving when you say you would, rather than arriving slightly later than expected. If you’re not going to be there in 5 minutes, or you’re unsure if that is accurate, double the time!

#2: ALWAYS Buy a Gift

Some women say things in front of other people that are not going to apply to you. One of those things is, “I don’t really need a gift for Valentine’s Day.” It’s a trap! No matter what, buy a gift. It doesn’t have to be insanely expensive, just DO SOMETHING. Ideally, you’ll have picked up on a subtle hint of something she wants and remembered it. Which leads to our next tip.

#3: When She Says She Likes Something, Write It Down

You’ve probably been out shopping with your wife or significant other and heard the words, “that’s so cute” in reference to an item in a store. Write it down! Better yet, take a picture of it so you can remember what it is later. Rather than killing yourself trying to find a gift for her upcoming birthday, you’ll have a backlog of junk she probably forgot she wanted. Then you’re the hero that doesn’t give lame presents.

#4: Watch the Kids & Don’t Ask Questions While You’re Doing It

If you’re giving the mother of your children a night off, GIVE HER THE NIGHT OFF. Don’t screw up the gesture by texting her constantly with questions that you should know the answer to. Even if you screw everything up because you didn’t know what size pajamas your kid wears, it’ll still be better than if you nagged her about it.

#5: Pick a Few Household Tasks that You ALWAYS Do

There is a lot of stuff to do around the house, and even if you’re the breadwinner, you still need to help out. Rather than resenting the fact that you need to contribute to household chores to avoid the wrath of your wife, just choose a few essential tasks that you take care of all the time. This will consistently show that you’re contributing something without having to be ordered to help all the time. Take out the trash, wash the dishes after dinner, or always ensure that the dog gets fed in the morning; just do something all the time and you’ll piss your wife off way less than usual.

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