These 5 reasons are why you can't lose weight anymore.

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight Anymore

People who have decided to increase there health and physique through training and diet can make great strides pretty easily, AT FIRST. The problem is that at some point you will plateau, and no matter what you do you just can’t lose weight anymore.

If that’s your situation, then these 5 reasons should help explain what’s happening and get you on the path to losing weight and making gains again.

You’re Not Eating Enough

You read correctly! The fact that you’ve been on a diet for an extremely long time could be the reason why you can’t lose weight anymore. The issue is that your body isn’t a machine; rather than simply taking input and reacting accordingly, your body will adapt in ways that can be hard to predict. If you’ve been on the same diet and calorie intake for a long time, you may want to consider switching to a different diet or calorie amount. If nothing else, trying changing up the food you eat and the amount of different days.


Your Workout Program Needs to Change

Can't lose weight? Switch things up.

If you weren’t exercising at all, and you started walking for 30 minutes a day, you’re going to make progress. The problem is that as your body adapts to the additional workload, the effects of the exercise on your body and weight loss will start to lessen. Same thing goes for a standard cardio routine done on a treadmill, elliptical machine, or other machine. You need to progress, and for most people, that means picking up some weight. Start a basic weight training program in addition to your standard cardio routine and see how it goes. If you’re afraid of lifting and you can’t lose weight anymore, hire a professional. If you need weight training exercise ideas, look at our exercise database.

You Can’t Lose Weight Because You’re Cheating Too Much

As you start dieting you’ll realize how bad you were eating before. For many people a steady, healthy diet is such an improvement over their previous fast-food junk diet that weight loss will be extremely easy. The problem is that getting to the next level of health and fitness will require you to be even more controlled when it comes to your eating habits. You may still be having one less-than-ideal meal a day or skipping breakfast, both of which could be hindering your progress. The easiest way to find out exactly how good or bad you’re doing is by writing down exactly what you eat and drink. This will be a pain to get started, but even doing it for a week could eliminate the reason why you can’t lose weight. Check out the Livestrong Calorie Tracker, it will help you get started.

Stress & Sleep Loss Are Preventing Further Weight Loss

Can't lose weight? Switch things up.

If you were losing weight at a steady pace and the progress suddenly stops or reverses, you may want to examine your current life situation. Both stress and sleep deprivation can lead to the release of cortisol, a steroid hormone that can damage muscle, lead to increased fat storage, and halt weight loss. If you have been under a lot of stress, losing more weight might not be possible until you get the situation under control.

You Need to Up Your Game

In both training and diet there are barriers that must be crossed in order to progress to the “next level.” If you’re still doing the same workout routine and diet that got you to the point that you are right now, you now know that it can only take you so far. Chances are that you don’t realize your own limitations when it comes to pushing past your comfort zones with your training. At this point, it may be a good idea to find a trainer, get a stronger workout partner or group, or sign up for a competitive fitness event that will motivate you to up your game. In terms of diet, trying to “jump start” the next level with a cleanse may be the answer.

Whatever you decide, don’t just sit there! Try something new, switch things up, and make sure that you’re always growing.


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