5 Quick Ab Workouts for the Busy Man

5 Quick Ab Workouts for the Busy Man

While building a 6-pack requires more than quick ab workouts, nothing beats blasting your core. If you’re a busy man, you may not have time for anything else. In that case, use any of these 5 quick ab workouts to work up a quick sweat.

Quick ab workouts have a place in everyone’s workout plan. In addition to being an excellent supplement to your standard routine, these quick ab workouts are perfect for days when you can’t make it to the gym.

The 25x25x25 Ab Workout

Flutter Kick

This is one of the most classic ab workouts. All you have to do is select 3 ab exercises and perform them in a row for 25 sets a piece 3 to 5 times. Even with the most simple exercises, this will be challenging if you’ve been slacking on core work.

Sit-Ups 25
Flutter Kicks 25
 Lying Elbow Knees  25

The Mountain Man Ab Workout

Plank Leg March

The Mountain Man Ab Workout involves lots and lots of Mountain Climbers combined with the Plank Leg March drill to round things out. If you don’t feel like you climbed a mountain by the end, you need to do them faster! Perform the set 5 times.

Mountain Climbers 50
Plank Leg March 50

The Upright Ab Workout

Standing Elbow Knees

If you’re tired of squirming around on the ground for every single ab workout set, then give this a shot. You can do it standing in place with a single kettlebell or dumbbell. Perform the set 3 to 5 times in a row.

Standing Elbow Knees 20
Dumbbell Oblique Raise 15 each side
Kettlebell Low Windmill 10 each side

Get Up or Get Out Ab Workout

Dumbbell 1/4 Get Up

There are few exercises that are more functional than the Get Up. While it’s normally done with a kettlebell, you can actually use any weight. Give this workout a shot if you want to kill your abs and learn how to properly move the rest of your body. Complete the set 5 times.

Dumbbell 1/4 Get Up 10 each side
Kettlebell 1/2 Get Up 10 each side
Dumbbell Sit-Up 20

More Than One Way to Plank Ab Workout

Plank Twist

The Plank is an extremely popular ab exercise for good reason: it kicks ass. Even so, it can be boring as hell after you get strong enough to endure several minutes in the same position. For that reason, we created one of the most straight-forward quick ab workouts that utilizes 4 types of Planks to kick your butt six ways from Sunday. If can you do this set more than twice, you’re a rock star.

Plank Arm Raises 30 to 60 sec
Plank Knees 30 to 60 sec
Plank Twist 30 to 60 sec
Plank March 30 to 60 sec

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