Camp Lighting Options

5 Innovative Camp Lighting Options

Nothing beats gazing up at the stars on a camping trip, except having a good camp lighting solution when it’s time to turn in. Use these 5 innovative camp lighting options to make your next trip glow.

1. VSSL Flask Light


No more spilling your booze when you try to pour yourself a glass on your next camping trip! The VSSL Flask Light combines a flashlight with a glass-infused aluminum flask, two shot glasses, and a bottle opener. Everything you need for a good time. Learn More

2. Lucy Light’s


Yet another solar powered gadget the Lucy Light is a small but mighty light that’ll provide any camper with a lightweight and heavily dependable light source. Leave a Lucy Light exposed to the sun for a whole day and you can have an 80 lumen light for up to 16 hours. Learn More

3. Lighted Glow LED Bocce Ball Set


The ultimate outdoor game for the beach or the park is often limited by daylight, that is until now. If you’re having a barbeque at the beach or park the an LED bocce set will give the kids or adults an activity to do under the moon. This great outdoor toy can keep your next day party going until midnight! Learn More

4. Luminaid Packlite Spectra


The LuminAID Packlite Spectra is the cheap, go-anywhere, last forever camp light that you’ve been dreaming of. It’s collapsable, charges fully in 7 hours, gives 12 hours of light, and it’s waterproof. Learn More

5. Firefly Portable Laser Lamp


If you want a less conventional camp light, the Firefly has you covered. With this low-powered laser system, you can turn your tent into a party! Learn More

BONUS: Powering Your Lights with the Goal Zero Guide 10 Solar Recharging Kit

Most toys are limited by short battery life. This leaves gearheads unwilling to stray too far from an outlet. No longer fret gadget gurus! Goal Zero Solar charging kits allow you to recharge your toys batteries so long as you have sunlight. The Goal Zero Guide 10 uses a foldable solar panel and a series of interchangeable cords that fit specifically to your device or battery. Learn More

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