Learn the best post workout foods to eat.

5 Delicious High Protein Post Workout Foods

You’re sweaty and tired from your workout, and you’ve forgotten your post-workout supplements. Not to worry! Hit the closest grocery store and grab any of these post workout foods for a quick, high protein boost.

Why Post Workout Foods Work

While you may usually get your post workout nutrition from supplements, switching things up with post workout foods instead may be extremely beneficial in the long run. In addition to satisfying hunger cravings prior to exercise, post workout foods like the following five delicious options could give you something to look forward to as you work your butt off in the gym.


Post Workout Foods: Hummus

The mighty chickpea is whole food. Hummus is made from combining ground chickpea paste with tahini olive oil and light seasoning. Hummus packs around 3 grams of protein per 50 calories and goes well with any vegetable or pita. Dipping carrots in hummus makes for a fantastic option for post workout foods.


Salmon as a Post Workout Food

Just like most animal based protein, the ratio of protein to calories is outstanding, Additionally, salmon has omega-3’s that are linked to decrease inflammation. Salmon is a great food to eat after a workout to promote healthy muscle growth and recovery. While this option for post workout foods may take a little bit of preparation, it will be well worth it.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt typically contains up to two or three times the amount of protein than regular yogurt. Add fresh fruits or a drizzle of chocolate to 0% fat greek yogurt and reap a natural probiotic and a protein rich food while eating something that is pleasing to the palette.

Chocolate Milk

Use Chocolate Milk as a post workout food

Make sure you’re opting for chocolate milks with a decent ratio of protein to calories and reap many benefits from this post workout food. Chocolate milk will hydrate you while providing carbohydrates and protein, allowing the body to recover from a recent workout.


Eggs are amazing foods to add to add to your post workout foods list for a number of reasons. First, they don’t lose any nutritional benefits by cooking them in any manner (fried, scrambled, poached, hard boiled, etc.), as you don’t burn them. Secondly, they are a complete protein source containing all BCAAs. Lastly, they are dense in protein and low in calories.

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